The Final 2 Clips of the Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge Have Been Added!

HUGE MUCLES! Both Brooke and Katie brought their A-Game for this posedown in the Dungeon – JOIN NOW for 2 of the best muscle girls in the world!

Today’s update at PP is the final update on the page of Katie vs Brooke – Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon!   In these 2 clips, Brooke trains legs, then gets up for some full body flexing and posing.   Katie on the other hand, works her moneymakers….. those enormous biceps, about 17.5 inches at the time of this recording.   Simply massive peaks of power!    You’ll no doubt enjoy these 2 clips.   Plus in our next update, we’re gonna feature some brand new 2023 footage of long time PP fan favorite….the gorgeous Kaitie Hart!    See the preview below!

Remember to check out the latest clips over at HDPhysiques.TV the female muscle store.   The most recently added clip, was a mind-blowing contest prep shape clip of Brooke Walker – Crazy Contest Prep 3 – see it in Brooke’s Studio today!

Head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio for her latest CONTEST SHAPE prep clip – mindblowing muscle! Get it today and show your support!

Check it out! ALL NEW K8 Hart on the way in our next update!