NEW EVENT PAGE Featuring 3x Olympian Brooke Walker – LEGS & GLUTES!

Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing new page with much more to come!

Earlier this year when we visited Maryland and our favorite gym, Powerhouse Gym in Hanover, MD…..  Brooke had a chance to get in a HUGE leg day workout and photo/video shoot here at PremiumPhysiques.    We got lots of massive muscle building powerful lifts, plus some sexy flexing and posing, as only Brooke can deliver!    On the brand new event page….  Brookes Leg Day at PHG MD, you’ll see the first 3 videos now posted, along with the first 2 members area photo galleries.   Trust me folks, you don’t want to miss these!   At her all-time biggest size, right before starting her Olympia prep, you’ll see Brooke looking SWOLE and HOT AF.   Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques!

Remember to also check out the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – she just posted an upper body clip from her weekend in Shreveport earlier this summer as well.   A perfectly muscled upper AND lower body sensation!   Show Brooke your support by purchasing her clips today!

Truly an amazing and awe-inspiring physique! HUGE MUSCLE everywhere! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for the awesome new Brooke Walker page!

Remember to check out Brooke’s Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – she just released an awesome upperbody posing and pumping video – you gotta see it!