POISON IVY! Brooke’s Latest Costume is a Jaw-Dropper for FEMALE MUSCLE!

Astonishingly sexy muscle! Brooke Walker as “Poison Ivy” – JOIN our members area now!

Cosplay expert Brooklyn T. Walker is back with a brand new idea…. Poison Ivy with Muscles!   And wow, does she look INCREDIBLE or what!    From a shoot less than 48 hours ago in St. Louis MO, Brooke is at her biggest and best yet, as she is lean and contest dieting, and absolutely perfect to play the part of a hugely muscled up Poison Ivy!   This shoot was intended to be all video for her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, but we had to grab some photos (and lots of them!) for PremiumPhysiques because she just looked too damn good!   This outfit will literally leave you speechless!  We’ve got 3 galleries on the new “Brooke Walker – Poison Ivy” Page!   And be sure to support Brooke by getting the video on her HDPhysiques.TV Clips Studio!

We’ve also added another Brooke video here at PremiumPhysiques on the “Brooke at Union Station 2020” page added a couple months ago.   This amazing video features Brooke in RIPPED “day after the contest” shape….  in other words…. muscles popping EVERYWHERE!   Thank you for supporting PremiumPhysiques and these amazing women of muscle!

Sultry, Sexy, and menacing…. it’s POISON IVY! JOIN PP Now for the latest from Brooke Walker!

Get the video from this supremely sexy shoot in Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – click here!